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Insignia is a fully interactive software and custom appliance system designed to give every patient a truly customised smile.

It's a precise, start-to-finish process delivering maximum clinical and practice efficiency. Insignia provides customised orthodontic treatment that requires fewer office visits, helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams more quickly.

For the Insignia treatment, we collect records that will include photos, X-rays, and a dental impression to help create your treatment plan. This treatment will generate a virtual 3D model of your smile structure. Unlike most orthodontic cases, this 3D model creates a visual representation of your anticipated results, giving you a clear vision of your new, beautiful smile transformation before treatment even begins.

Additionally, Insignia allows doctors to review and conduct a thorough smile analysis based on each individual’s specific smile anatomy. Once a customised treatment plan is selected, we’re able to order brackets and wires tailored to each individual patient. This is unlike traditional braces that are generic and one-size- fits-all.

As a result, the patients' final smile is unique to their own dental structure. By customising the treatment based on each person's specific facial features, we are able to eliminate minor adjustments and tweaks throughout the treatment process, leading to fewer in-office visits, faster results and improved patient comfort.

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