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Teens are very self-conscious about their looks, however, with new technology that is available on today's market like Invisalign, Incognito, Clear (Ceramic) Braces and SureSmile, these can make your treatment much quicker and less visible than the old metal braces.

It is very important for teens to have straight teeth when growing up, it helps in achieving a comfortable bite, good function, optimal facial aesthetics and it also boosts their confidence.

Some of the benefits of getting your treatment done when you are a teen are:

  • Many of your friends will be having their orthodontic treatment at the same time
  • Your teeth responds much better to an orthodontic treatment when you are younger
  • Your treatment will not be as complicated compared to treatments when you are an adult
  • We can utilize the acceleration in growth that occurs at this age
  • It's a great time of transition into adult dentition where it makes results more permanent
What sort of treatments is available for teens?

There is a range of treatments for this age group. Our practice offers various options such as metal, clear (ceramic) braces, as well as invisible options such as Invisalign Teen and Incognito.

What if there are jaw growth problems?

Growth modification and arch expansion can be factored in with the above treatments to ensure a short and effective treatment can be achieved.

Do you play a musical instrument or a certain sport and you are worried about the impact of braces on your activities?

Our practice offers many options aside from conventional braces like Invisalign Teen and Incognito (lingual) braces. This will help the treatment to fit in with your other important activities in your life.

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